About Us

Rogue Shooting Targets was born out of necessity. Our team and friends are all devoted shooters and hunters. Whether it is pistol, cowboy action, long range, or even trap and skeet, we shoot it all. After shooting a wide variety of metal targets, only to ruin them and end up replacing them in a short period of time, it was time to manufacture our own AR500 steel targets for shooting and target stands for long term use. We shoot just about every week in our testing ranges, either on our 100 yd pistol/ rifle range to our 1200 yd rifle range, we giving our AR500 steel targets a good workout. Whether you are the hunter who just wants to dial their hunting rifle in for the upcoming season, the cowboy, IPSC or IDPA shooter, or the long range shooter shooting large magnums at 1000 yds or well beyond, WE HAVE YOUR STEEL TARGETS AND STEEL TARGET STANDS.
All of our products are Made in the USA.